What Do Men Think About Hair Extensions?

People out there are bound to have different opinions regarding hair extensions. Whereas most women love them, men have mixed feelings about them. While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, it is sometimes important to understand and view things from the other person’s point of view.


Why Women Like To Wear Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions have become a common practice for most women everywhere in the globe. Not only are hair extensions more accessible and affordable, nowadays they are nearly undetectable – especially to the untrained eye. In contrast to the price of extensions, which has dropped significantly, the quality has greatly improved creating increased appeal for women that want full heads of both healthy and shiny hair.

While mainly for cosmetic purposes, there are many other reasons why women apply extensions to their hair. From looking for a new look to health concerns, here are some reasons why women wear extension:

Add Volume And Length Quickly

Hair naturally takes a while to grow to the length you want.
What is a girl to do when they want a quick fix to the situation? The solution is simple, hair extensions. They are a quick way to solve this problem. For example, clip-in hair extensions take very few minutes while get extension at the salon will only take a couple of hours or so.

Try A Different But Natural Look

People love experimenting with new and exciting things. Hair is one of the ways that women try out different styles and looks just to see what fits them, and what does not. This experimentation is very crucial because, at times, a woman feels like they want to re-invent themselves. Hair extensions allow a woman to change to a new look with their hair still having a natural appearance.

Concealing A Bad Hairdo

Having the worst hairdo of your life a day before an important date can be terrifying – the hairdo, not the date. Most women have experienced this. At times, it’s on you for asking for a haircut that ends with you looking like some hippie had given Bruce Willis wig advice; Sorry Bruce, but some of the hairdos in your recent movies… Other times, you just hit the salon and find the hairdresser having one of those days where everything goes wrong for them.

In this cases, applying hair extensions can help conceal the bad hairdo until your hair grows back. This is will ensure that you continue feeling confident and beautiful despite the mishap with your haircut.

Easy To Apply

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to apply, especially if you are a busy woman. Most of the time you will find yourself with little time a need to add pizzazz to your hair. Clip-in extensions are great in this scenario because you only need to clip the extensions on and VIOLA, you can style them whichever way you want.

Trying Different Hair Colors

Some women would like to try out different colors on their hair but are afraid that they may end up with a look that they dislike. This does not mean that they should not go ahead and experiment. Hair extensions offer the perfect way for these women to change their hair color without having to worry so much about damaging their natural hair. They only have to go to their hairdresser and get the color(s) of low-lights or highlights they want without having any morbid feeling about the exercise. If you think the colors are not you, you can change them or revert back to your natural hair hassle-free. If you end up loving your new look, good for you!

Comfortable Compared To Wigs

Hair is one of the things that give a woman their identity. When hair loss is an issue, some women get wigs. I’m not saying that wigs are bad, but hair extensions look more natural for those that are not bald.

No Damage

When changing your hairstyle, the biggest concerned is how it will damage your natural hair. While using some alternatives (such as tape-ins and bonding) may damage your hair, hair extensions are 100% safe.


Men’s Thoughts About Women Wearing Hair Extensions

Like everything else concerning women, men have opinions about hair extensions. While we might not agree with some of them, they are entitled to their thoughts. Here are some of the thoughts men have regarding hair extensions.

Some Do Not Think About Extensions

Perhaps one of the most perplexing things is to hear that a man has no thoughts about extensions. Now, before you go off branding men in this category as ignorant, it is important to understand why this may be. Many argue that they do not think about them at all, simply because they are what they are; an issue that relates to women and should be left to women. Some only think about them when you give them a reason to, like when you apply extensions that do not match the color of your natural hair.

Some Are OK With Extensions

Other men are of the opinion that if a woman chooses the right extensions to complement her natural hair color and they look good, they have no problem. As long as the extensions do not show any tracks or panels, and are well-maintained, they are okay with hair extensions.

Some Do Not Like Them

A few men think that a woman having hair extension (fake hair, as they like to call it) is a deal breaker. To them, a woman is only beautiful if she has her natural hair. They do not care if a woman’s natural hair is short or long, hair extensions are a huge “NO NO”.


Both men and women have opinions regarding hair extensions. We can all agree that as long as the woman wearing the hair extensions is comfortable, maintains her hair well and feels good about it, it is no one’s place to judge her. As for men, most of them are supportive of women who maintain and look good with hair extensions.



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