Types of Hair Extensions and Their Pros and Cons

Women all across the world are very cautious on their hair. More often than not, they don’t like their original hair and choose a different style they like instead. Thanks to the advanced technology, since hair is known as the “crowning glory”, women can have more options to really stand in the crowd wearing the hairstyle they like best by considering of having hair extensions. Yet, some of them, if not all, don’t have ideas what type of hair extensions suit them. This blog will be a good help for you to make up your mind and choose what hair extensions to buy.

Guide: What is the best Hair Quality of Hair Extensions I should have?

Before buying hair extensions, it is essential to have the knowledge about the different methods available and/of different types of hair extensions we have in the market today and what type suits your lifestyle. Having the best quality of hair extensions equates the having great experience of it.

So now, let’s get to know the different types of hair quality.

1. Synthetic Hair: This hair is the cheapest since it is not a human hair and just made from low-grade acrylic. This is a fake hair that the manufacturers used plastic fibers to make it look like a human hair.

2. Remy Human Hair: It is 100% human hair and has several categories based on how they are being processed and where they came from. So, Remy hair doesn’t mean a virgin hair. Some Remy hairs are named after the place they are collected, just like Indian Remy Hair, Peruvian Remy Hair, Brazilian Remy Hair, and European Remy Hair. Because of its natural curly texture, Brazilian and Peruvian Remy Hair are the most popular, the European Remy hair is the quite expensive among others.

Here are the categories of Remy Human Hair Quality:

Non-Remy Hair: This is the human hair that has a low quality, so it means it’s cheap and won’t last even for more than a few weeks. Since cuticle is not intact, this has to undergo a chemical process using a higher concentration of acid.

Low Quality Hair: This type of Remy hair may look good and they appear shiny and nice because the manufacturer coated it with silicon. Yet the quality is still low. They only last up to 3 washes.

High Quality Hair: This hair has a high quality because the cuticle is still intact and it has thicker ends which makes it looks healthy and natural.

Virgin Remy Hair: Even though this hair undergoes a processed with different technology, but it still keeps the quality high. This hair is being handled with care and the manufacturer make sure it doesn’t undergo any harsh chemical process that will compromise its quality. Depends on care, this hair will last for over a year.

Image via: http://www.lavyhair.com/u_file/1509/photo/af6f7e9d71.jpg

Some hair extensions manufacturers are using cheap materials or cheap Remy hair just to keep their high profit. Checking and choosing the right quality of hair extensions should be put into first consideration. For you to have better ideas of what’s the best hair extensions to buy, you can ask your friends and talk about it, and/or read reviews.

Types of Hair Extensions

This time, let’s talk about the different types of Hair Extensions and their pros and cons before deciding what hair extensions to buy:



  1. Clip-in Hair Extensions

    This is also known as clip-in wefts, in which clips can be easily clipped into your natural hair. This hair extension comes in either long or short hair. This clip-in extension application is considered as the least permanent because you can put them on and remove them whenever you want. It is the least damaging because they don’t involve any chemicals and it is one of the reasons why this type of hair extension is the most popular. Aside from that, this type of hair extension needs very low maintenance and it is recommended to wash them every 20 wears utmost. For the treatment, you can simply brush, shampoo and condition the clips and let them dry. You can put them back on to your natural hair, put some color, curl them, iron them, up to you.

    Image via: https://i.pinimg.com/736x/87/fb/62/87fb624a3d8aaddc66623b971dd3a2e4–blonde-hair-extensions-clip-in-extensions.jpg


    *Relatively cheap among other hair extension types.

    *You can easily put them on, about 5-10 minutes and remove them whenever you want.

    *This type doesn’t require much maintenance.

    *You have many options to choose as to their colors and styles, whether it is for long or short hair, whatever styles you are up to.


    *You cannot wear them on for a long period of time since it may cause hair damage.

    *Using poor quality clips/wefts can cause the tugging at the roots.

    *This type needs to be removed at night or before going to bed otherwise it can damage hair follicles.

    *This type is the cheapest which also means the quality will not last long.

  2. Tape-In Hair Extensions

    Its name is literally what it is made of. Hair extensions short or long are pre-taped. These hair extensions are taped or glued together on your own hair. They will only take more or less 60 minutes to attach them. They need to be aligned to the roots of your hair with the help of using a heated tool to heats up the glue and a glue remover to remove them, that’s why you need a hairdresser or someone to put them on to your hair and to remove them. Some of these types have a lighter tress which is good for someone with thin hair. They last for about 6 weeks before you can remove and re-attached them again.

    Image via: http://dhairstyles.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/tape-in-hair-extensions-zwi8svjr.jpg


    *It is affordable compared to fusion extensions because they can be done at home.

    *The tape can be trimmed if there’s a need to do so.

    *Using the recommended hair products that are less harsh to wash this type of hair extension can prolong the quality of it.


    *Using hair conditioner or any hair products that are oily can cause the tape to loosen or slip off and the hair will simply slide off.

    *Using the heated tool to heat the glue can damage your hair.

    *Not recommended to use for swimmers or for those who will go for swimming.

  3. Micro-Ring/Micro-Link/Micro-Loop Hair Extensions

    This hair extension is also known as micro-bead extensions. These are small bundles of hair that are looped through the natural hair. They come in with a metal bead and you can clamp them down using a pair of pliers. They are longer lasting than clip-ins hair extensions, and you don’t need to remove them before going to bed because they can be slept with and showered with. They don’t need a glue to attach them, nor any chemical needed. It takes 3-5 hours to attach them with the help of a hairdresser. This hair extension application can cause damage to the hair, because of the heat from the clamp tool, beads or metal rings. This type is considered to be semi-permanent and will last up to 6 months if well taken care of.

    Image via: https://i0.wp.com/www.erguntercansalon.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/DSC_1101-800×533.jpg?resize=800%2C420


    *It doesn’t need the heated tool for attachment.

    *They can be reused.

    *It can easily be adjusted according to the way you want.

    *It is easy to wash.

    *It blends well with the natural hair.


    *Metal beads or rings are producing heat that can cause damage to the hair.

    *Users can not possibly tie high ponytails.

    *This is not the type of hair extensions for fine or short hair.

    *It can cause discomfort, especially when you sleep it with.

    *It needs a lot of time to put them on.

  4. Weave-in Hair Extensions/Weaves/Weaving

    Weave-in Hair Extensions are also known as Sew-In Hair Extensions. They can be applied by using needle and cotton thread. It can be threaded into the braid by creating horizontal cornrow. In other words, they are literally sewn on through your natural hair. People with thicker hair are the ones using these type of hair extensions because they have to conceal the extensions. Obviously, since it involves sewing the hair extensions into your natural hair, a hairdresser is a big help. Sew-in hair extensions are also called “tracking”. Among all types of hair extensions, this is the most uncomfortable method because it is painful, however it is still popular because it blends very well with your natural hair.

    Image via: https://media.licdn.com/mpr/mpr/AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKEAAAAJGZlYzI2OTU5LWNmYzMtNDUwYy1hY2VmLTllNzJiYzNkN2ZlNQ.jpg


    *It lasts for a long period of time.

    *They blend very well.

    *It doesn’t need a heated tool.

    *If well maintained, it can last for half a year.

    *Beautifully adds volume to the hair.


    *It requires a lot of treatment, a lot of proper washing and maintenance.

    *The process of weaving can put a lot of pressure on the hair, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

    *It is not recommended to use for someone with a fine hair.

    *If it is not washed properly, it can easily cause bacterial infection.

    *It needs a professional hairdresser to remove them.

  5. Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

    This type of hair extension is also known as “bonding” where natural hair is bonded to this hot fusion hair extensions by the help of the heating tool. It is highly required to have it done by a professional hairdresser and once you have removed them you cannot use them back. You have to use a heat clamp to melt using the heated tool to glue it to your natural hair. Professional hairdressers are not recommending this application to all clients who have a damaged hair since this method can be very damaging to your hair cuticles. This method can be very manageable and can be treated just like your natural hair.

    Image via: http://www.jessicahair.ca/assets/images/hot-fusion-hair-extensions-services.jpg


    *It requires less maintenance.

    *It can last for 6 months, if well maintained.

    *They look great with different hair types.

    *It is quite popular.


    *It can be the most expensive type of hair extensions.

    *It takes a lot of time to attach them, around 5 hours or more.

    *They are not reusable.

    *It can cause hair loss, breakage and scalp irritation because of the chemicals in the glue.

    *You cannot do it on your own, you have to hire a trained professional.

  6. Cold Fusion Hair Extension

    Another option of hair extension is to have a Cold Fusion Hair Extension which is usually better than Hot Fusion. This method is just done similar to the hot fusion method. They are needed to be attached to the root of your hair. What makes cold fusion different from hot fusion is the pre-tip that comes with the keratin based polymer. For cold fusion, a glue remover is needed to break the glue and it doesn’t require a heating tool for heating application. This hair extension application can be less damaging compared to hot fusion. It can be applied closer to the roots to make it blend well to the natural hair. Just like the hot fusion method, it required a well-trained professional to attach them to your hair.

    Image via: http://www.vipinhairextension.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Cold-Fusion-Extensions.jpg


    *This is recommended for people who has a fine hair.

    *Since it doesn’t require heat process, there is a lesser chance damaging the hair.

    *It can be attached closer to the roots.

    *It blends very well to the natural hair.

    *It is good for all hair types.


    *It takes a lot of time to attach them on.

    *It requires a well-trained professional to attach them.

    *It is not reusable, just like the hot fusion method.

    *It can cause scalp irritation.

One of the woman’s personalities is having a crazy mind about choosing something, changing decisions from one point to the other. However, up until the last minute, they really don’t know what really suits them. Sometimes, they are caught between what they like to what is appropriate for their needs. And that includes the dilemma of choosing what type of hair extension they should apply. This blog gives you information and details of what are the things you have to put into consideration before deciding what hair extensions to buy. First, what type of natural hair do you have? Is it fine, or thick? Since not all types of hair extensions are suitable to all types of hair. Second, do you have an intention to wear them for the longest? Not all types of hair extensions can be slept and shower with. Some can be worn when you sleep, however it can cause irritation. But not all users are experiencing it though. And third is having enough knowledge and information about hair extensions would be very helpful for a woman who is very cautious about her hair looks. For some, it is best for them to wear something they are comfortable with and at the same time can enhance and elevate their beauty in and out.


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