Copping That Perfect Look with Tape-in Hair Extensions and its Benefits

For centuries, women have continuously shown their creativity in every area, and in this aspect, through their hair. A woman’s hair has always been her crowning glory, so of course, it is only natural that they try to keep it aesthetically beautiful. That is why everyone goes to one hair transformation to another. Undergoing through vast processes and treatments to cop that look of the century, consequently, the hair also goes through a lot and eventually would take its toll. These processes are quite damaging to their hair and some treatments would cost a lot to rejuvenate one’s crowning glory.

Tape-in Hair Extensions
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And thus, the birth of hair styling alternatives, namely, hair extensions.

Hair extensions are probably one of the best things ever created for women. They can make available everything a woman needs to make her hair on point. It can add volume, character, and color (which is chemical-free) giving you an undeniable charisma and confidence.

In this time and age, man has been able to produce different kinds of hair extension and so now the question lies: “Which is the best type of hair extensions to use?”

There are several types, however, the latest trend; tape-in hair extensions method; has been observed as one of the most requested type of hair extensions at hair salons.

In this article, we’ll be breaking down the reasons as to why women are loving this trend and why you should start investing on these babies.

1. They aren’t that expensive.

Tape-in Hair Extensions
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Beauty is costly. Let’s all admit that.

However, if we do a proper research on some products, we might be able to find something that could last us a long time, and without spending way too much money.

Tape-in hair extensions are like that. Although you may have to pay for a bit of a pricier amount in the beginning, but, on the long run, you won’t be spending too much money on it when it comes to styling and maintenance. Another reason why tape-in hair extensions are cheap is because they re-usable. If they do start to come off, then you can just have it re-installed by the salon. You can find some services that offer cheap fees in re-installing them. In addition to that, tape-in hair extensions are considered to be semi-permanent and it would usually take 4-8 weeks before you can remove or re-install them. However, like any other hair extensions, it’ll depend on how much you’ve taken care of them and your hair growth because sometimes it can last much longer than that.

Of course, one of the few things you have to consider is the type of hair you will be using. As much the service itself is relatively cheap, however, the hair of your choice will greatly influence the total amount of the whole package.

There are different types of hair you can choose from:

  1. Synthetic Hair– Basically fake hair, however, it is the cheapest out of all hair extensions.
  2. Non-remy Hair– Low-quality hair, but much more natural looking than synthetic. Also cheaper than other hair extensions.
  3. Remy Human Hair– has a medium quality, more natural looking compared to synthetic hair, however, the price is a bit higher than the first two.
  4. Virgin Hair– the highest quality of hair and the most expensive.

In terms of service, based on some research, there are different ways on how some salons price their tape-in hair extensions services.

One is that they charge per panel. A ‘panel’ is categorized as two tape wefts installed together. For some average salons, they will charge around $30-$40 per panel which also includes the cost of the hair. An average head will use about 20 panels. They might also have to include the cost of service for the installation which you’ll usually know after the consultation. They usually charge an hourly rate and tape-in hair extensions are actually quite easy and fast to install so there’s a high probability that you won’t be spending way too much time in the salon. Also, they tend to just add an additional fee on top of the hair extensions. For example, if the hair costs $250, then they would just charge around $100 for installation. If you find this price range a bit expensive, you can always check some other salon menus and services in your area to compare prices and check some reviews for you to know which among them would best suit your taste (and your budget).

2. Not only are they cost-efficient, but they’re time-efficient, as well.

Tape-in Hair Extensions
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On average for a full head, it would take, more or less, an hour to be installed. Tape-in hair extensions would probably be the fastest semi-permanent hair extension method there is. The reason for this is because the process itself is relatively easy. The extensions are bonded to inch-long super sticky strips where stylists just peel off the cover of the adhesive. Then, they place the small sections of natural hair between these strips to make it natural looking. Sounds easy, right? Yeah, you can probably do it on your own. However, the placement is quite crucial if you want to have that full and natural look, so it is advisable that you let a trained or professional stylist do this.

The removal of tape-in hair extensions is as easy as installing them. Probably much faster. In this case, you may do it yourself if going for another trip to the salon would take too much of your time and money. However, you must do a proper research if you decide to do it yourself. Basically, they stylist would use a solute that would help loosen the adhesive to let the tape-in hair extensions off. You’ll also be needing some shampoo to remove the solution. Again, if you decide to remove the extensions on your own then make sure to not let the solution stay too long on your hair as some of them contain acetone or alcohol that could be damaging to your hair. They are some organic solutions that are much gentler on your hair and scalp, however, they may cost a bit more than the normal solutions.

3. Maintenance? They got you, girl!

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Probably one of the best things about tape-in hair extensions is that its low maintenance. You can pretty much do anything like what you usually do with your natural hair. Of course, you have to be a bit more extra careful. After all, they are artificially glued on your hair, so it would be best if you could add a little TLC on your tape-in hair extensions. As a tip, you must use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner. These work best for tape-in hair extensions. As aforementioned, you can definitely re-use the hair extensions when you plan on re-installing them, depending on how you’ve taken good care of them. If they are still in the best shape after a couple of weeks, then the stylist would recommend that you use them again. That’s how cost-efficient tape-in hair extensions are.

4. Au Natural

Tape-in Hair Extensions
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Tape-in hair extensions are very safe to use and do not even cause damage to your locks. It’s a hundred percent natural method and does not use any chemicals. As long as applied properly and correctly (and treated with utmost care) then they do not pose any threat to your crowning glory. And, once again, there aren’t any wasted materials as they are all use and re-use. How perfect is that?

5. Need to exercise? No sweat!

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One of the best things about tape-in hair extensions is that you can workout with them and you don’t have to worry about whether your latest do will be compromised especially if you start to sweat. Not only that, you can even swim with it, which makes it even more amazing!

Tape-in hair extensions are wearable and very comfortable. Because the wefts are thin and lightweight, therefore, you can wear your hair any way you want. If done correctly, the tape-in hair extensions will blend naturally with your real hair.

The only problem you have to think about is what cute outfit to wear to snag that next cutie you’ll at the gym next.

And finally…

You can be confidently beautiful with a heart…with tape-in hair extensions.

We all wanted to be glamorous, and this is tape-in hair extensions can definitely provide minus all the hassle and fuss. Aside from the fact that it is relatively cheaper than other hair extension methods, it is also comparatively safer. Since it’s chemical-free, you can change whatever kind of hairstyle you want without damaging your hair. Not only that, this has been a very efficient method for those who are experiencing hair loss, as well. According to some testimonies, it has helped in boosting one’s confidence, without breaking the bank. It will enhance your look dramatically making you look glamorous anywhere, anytime.

Not convinced?

Take a look at these amazing hair transformations:

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