Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions

Being beautiful doesn’t always means you have been blessed with a face of a “Goddess” like. Most of the time, it is how your face looks attractive with the hair you wear. The wholeness of beauty goes with appropriate makeup, appropriate dress with appropriate hairstyle. But, what happens if you just ended up a relationship and suddenly decided to cut your hair short without thinking twice. And Ooppss!!! When you got home, you remember you have forgotten the party at the fortnight. You know, hair doesn’t grow that fast in two weeks time. You might have sleepless nights not because of your newly “bitter ending” relationship, but because of the disappointment with the decision you have made by cutting your hair, worst is you cannot redo it. The only option you can have is wearing hair extensions. Here’s the guide for you to realize that it is not the end of the world for you yet. Hair extensions can give you a new hope to make you feel better instead of bitter.

Top Reasons Why Women Prefer Wearing Hair Extensions

Here, we bring you the top reasons why women even some men prefer wearing hair extensions since they are not satisfied with their own natural hair.

1. Add Length

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We know that human hair grows naturally. However, many people think their hair seems lifeless or mainly flat. Some people are having troubles of growing their hair out once it reaches a certain length. They can’t seem to have it grow fast as they desired. They may have waited for so long, applied different brands of hair grower or even homemade methods, yet it doesn’t give any help at all. They still can’t achieve the length of hair they wanted. Some tried trimming their hair every now and then just to help their hair find its way to grow, unfortunately it doesn’t work as expected. So, if you are in this situation, hair extension is what you are looking for.

In some other cases, women thought about cutting their hair short not realizing it doesn’t suit their style, or it’s not the look they ever want to have. So, they want to have their hair back as soon as possible, however, it is not anymore possible. This is a scary situation, yeah? But, by the help of hair extensions, it can give you back the long hair you previously had. You can even have a better look than the original hair you had.

Naturally, women have always wanted longer hair. Even if it is a little bit pricey, but when we talk about beauty, real women really are willing to invest. Hair extensions are worth of investment then. Hair extensions can help you attain the length you ever want to have. The length that you always desire and can blend to your original hair which look perfectly natural. Aside from that, hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions can be very user-friendly. It only takes a couple of minutes to wear and can be damage free as well.  Some type of hair extensions can be worn even if you sleep and shower with them just like micro-loop/ring hair extensions. If we talk about cheaper yet long hair extensions, Clip-In hair extensions is best for you. They are easy to put on and be removed whenever you wanted. Other types of hair extensions don’t need much maintenance, so, even if you bought the longer ones, no need to worry, you can have clip-in hair extensions which is recommended to be washed after 20 wears utmost, depending on how you previously wore them.

2. Add Volume

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When we say hair volume, it means the fullness or expansive thickness of the hair. It makes the hair look bouncy, healthy and so natural. It may need a lot of things to do just to add volume to your hair. You can try to blow-dry your hair until it’s slightly damp, and you can use some hair products. Apply it to the roots since it will set a lift that creates the volume to the hair. Sounds difficult, because you might use a wrong volumizing hair product. Well, it will be worth the try if the outcome is what you really have expected. What if it is the otherwise? People who have dull and naturally thin hair, seems these methods aren’t worth the try. To stay safe, hair extension is the best option.

One of the hottest hair trends nowadays is having a huge volume of hair. The bigger the wave the better and hotter you look. But, what happens to those women out there who have thin and natural straight hair? What hopes we can offer them? Finally, the solution has been found, hair extensions can give you hopes to have a better hairstyle. Yes, better than ever without adding damage to your thinning hair.

Fortunately, all types of hair extensions are applicable in adding volume to your hair especially if you have straight and thin hair. We have Tape-in Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, Hot/Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Micro-loop/ring Hair Extensions, Weaving Hair Extensions and more. Yet, the best choice for women with thin and straight hair is the Tape-in Hair Extensions. For the people who are hair cautious, it is imperative to consider the weight or tension of the hair extensions added to your hair. For you who have a fine or thin hair, you should choose the type of hair extension with density at its lightest just like the tape-in hair extension. Compared to other types, Tape-in Hair Extension doesn’t need any tools or fusion, nor glue to melt in bonding extensions to your hair, so it is considered to have the lightest weight among other types.

Micro-bead or also known as Micro-loop/ring Hair extensions are also good options in adding volume to your hair. This type uses very small pieces of hair and beads that are attached to your hair which could be very damaging to your hair roots. So then, to choose between Tape-in Hair Extensions to Micro-bead or Micro-loop/ring Hair Extension, you would prefer the Tape-in Hair Extensions since it can be less damaging.

3. Different Color

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Cool girls/women out there can be very creative and wants to add streaks of color/dye and apply it on their hair from time to time. However, this could mean harm, since it could be very damaging because we are talking about chemicals applied to your hair. This is also a precaution to pregnant women out there. It is harmful for them to dye their hair from the very first trimester of their pregnancy since it can cause a bad effect to them much more to the baby. Sad thing, many of them still want to maintain how they look the way they do when they were not pregnant yet. Or they just wanted to be the prettiest preggie mom, which keeps them feeling better despite of the challenges they are and will be facing for the next days. Well, take away all your worries now. Let me tell you, hair extensions can be cut and colored just like how you treat your natural hair which doesn’t cause you any harm.

With all types of hair extensions, you can try out different colors and highlights without resorting to using permanent dyes to your own hair. Hair extensions can easily be removed and attached. So, you can change or wear different colors in different occasions. Applying permanent hair color to your natural hair will last only for several weeks and you need to re-apply the color again to the roots newly grown hair. Instead, you can have or wear clip-in hair extensions for example.

With the help of hair extensions, you can achieve the looks you want for the day. You can look differently everyday with the different color of hair extensions you wear. Much more, you are wearing different color of hair, but do harmless to your own hair. It makes you feel like a fairy, you just have to use a wand and “ZING!” you now have a different color and hairstyle. How exciting is that? You can look different in just a minute.

Best type of hair extensions to wear with different color are the clip-in hair extensions or the wefts. You can use at least 3 wefts and attached them to the desired part of your hair and you can look differently than earlier. Clip-in hair extensions are very excellent to use if you want to apply different color since it is easier to remove and put them back on. Since you cannot sleep and shower with the clip-in hair extension, it doesn’t sit on your hair for a long period of time that means there’s no chance to have your hair damaged because of the color.

4. Different Hairstyles

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If you consider yourself creative by using hair extensions with different color, brag not! You can be more creative than that if you are using hair extensions with different updos. All types of hair extensions allow the users to experiment and try new looks by using different hairstyles. Little did you know you can look like a star you have ever dreamed of. Every woman desires to look good while trying different hairstyles, however, we often think twice to have our hair cut because you thought about the hardships you’ve been through just to achieve the length of hair you have right now. You’ve been through a lot with your hair and you just can’t let it go. But, to cut the story short, you are just scared that once you cut your hair, it might betray you and you will not like the result of how it looks.

Do you know that there are also short hair extensions available in the market? You can actually try them on without cutting your hair at all. The point is that you embrace the challenge of trying new things like trying different updos. If you have a short hair, and don’t want it to grow any longer because of whatever reasons, you can also try to take advantage of long hairstyles.

In some other countries, women tend to cut their hair as they grow older for convenience purposes or just a part of their culture. Youthfulness is equated with having a longer hair. It may not be true to some, but a larger percentage believes it so. As women grow older, they tend to have a thinning hair, which makes them unattractive. So, that youthfulness can be achieved with the hair extensions with different hairstyles. It is convenient to use since you can easily attach and remove them whenever you wanted just like clip-in hair extensions.

Many women, spend lots of money and time to go to a salon trying to have a different hairstyles. More often than not, the results are unlikely. You might think it’s not worth the price and effort, yet, you can’t get your money back. Using hair extensions is worth the money to spend and you can effortlessly put them on like clip-in hair extensions. Unless if you are using weave-in hair extensions, which needs a professional hairdresser for you to attach them to your hair. Still, it’s worth the price because it can last longer compared to any other type of hair extensions.

Hair extensions nowadays are produced on a high quality, because of that you can have the style you have wished for that blends well with your natural hair. Hair extension users can have more fashionable hairstyles. You can have wavy volumized hair, long or short, and affordable ones too. You can actually have unlimited options of hairstyle if you are into using hair extensions.

5. Hide A Bad Hairdo

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If you are not fortunate with the hair you are having, you opt to hide it by using caps, hats or other resort is to go to a hairdresser to consult a better hair advised, better hairstyle, so on and so forth. This goes true for both men and women out there. However, whether we like it or not, not all hairdressers’ advised are doing us any good. Like if they advised us to have our hair cut, and once it’s done and we didn’t like it, we can’t undo it. Though, there are times that we can be at fault if we are not sure which cut we wanted or which cut suits us. So, instead of waiting in vain for your hair to grow again, why not try out some hair extensions. If you really have the intention to hide your “not so gifted” hair, instead of using caps or hats, you can try to use more fashionable hair extensions.

Balding, alopecia and the uneven growth of hair is just such an unlucky experience a person could have. You just wanted to hide your head literally, especially for men who experience baldness. People might laugh at you if they see space on your head. Large number of men are unfortunately experiencing this. In the old times, they just have to deal with it, because they can’t find any remedy for it. Even in today’s world, you can find different medicine for the treatment of baldness, but nobody knows what is the best product for you. You just have to try each of them, worst is that, they might worsen the baldness as you try each of them. But these days, people with these problems can have another and better option, and that is it to take advantage of the hair extensions. Hair extensions come in different styles, short or long. That means men can also make use short hair extensions. What are you waiting for guys? Go and take advantage of this product.

People who are under treatment because of some health issues and they have to undergo chemotherapy treatment that can result in temporary or permanent hair loss, it doesn’t mean you just have to accept the defeat. You can still have your sense of attractiveness back even if you are still under medical treatment. Using hair extensions is a new hope for you people to be attractive again. Being more positive in life can make someone feel better whether you are sick or not.

Another point is that, if you just ended up regretting the color you put on into your hair, hide them by wearing hair extensions. Much more if you are running out of time to decide which color is better for your hairstyle and your friends are at the door waiting for you to come out, clip-in hair extensions are very easy way to use. In a minute or two, you can already look great while your friends not noticing the negative part of your hair. Hair extensions can even make you look better than you ever think.

Wearing Hair Extensions

Wearing hair extensions are commonly practiced in many parts of the world. Different users have different reasons as to why they chose to wear hair extensions. Men and women can take advantage of using this type of a product, simply because it gives them more advantages than disadvantages. One of the advantages is that, hair extensions can really blend well with their hair which really look so natural. So, they don’t need to worry if they look like wearing a fake hair. Second, it can make a creative person becoming more creative in trying various hairstyles with various hair colors. The third is that, it can be a new hope to those people who never experience having a full grown hair to still look attractive and look better than before. Wearing hair extensions can have disadvantages too, but with a proper care and precautions, you will be just doing fine.



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