Do Not Be Nervous It’s Just Normal Hair Loss

Get up in the morning, hair falling down when you comb

Taking a shower, hair is found in the bathtub


I am losing my hair badly

Am I suffering from any incurable disease!

Do not be nervous, maybe just normal hair loss


Normal hair loss below:

The normal hair shedding. The average person loses between 60 to 100 hairs a day,it undergoes a normal process of metabolism.Unless the remaining amount is very small, and there are obvious parts of hair loss, then you should pay attention to. (It is recommended to the regular professional hospital to do the hair follicle testing.)

Given birth. During pregnancy, estrogen levels in the body increased, the amount of hair increased and hair becomes better. But after giving birth,estrogen levels dropped suddenly, there will cause a large number of hair loss, serious may lose 300 to 400 hairs a day.Generally they will achieve remission after about half a year and can be restored about one year.

Sudden hair loss. Suddenly the amount of hair loss increases, more than 100 daily, but the duration is not long, and no obvious hair loss parts. Don’t be nervous it probably due to the recent seasons or work overtime.

Malnutrition hair loss. Hair loss due to diet or irregular diet.

Physical hair loss. Tie up the hair tightly or often drag the hair may cause the hair loss, but as long as no damage to the dermis, it will not lead to permanent hair loss.

For the hair loss caused by the above situation, friends you do not have to worry about. What you need to do is adjust your mood, diet and schedule, in order to protect the hair.


What situations you need to pay attention to:

Androgenetic alopecia: In the beginning hair becomes soft and hair growth cycle becomes shortened, hair loss occurs obvious position. At this time, you should go to a hospital for professional hair follicle detection. You need to adjust healthy living habits, with the treatment of hair loss drugs (please under the guidance of a doctor) in order to control hair loss.

Diseases of hair loss: Hair loss caused by the disease, such as diabetes, hepatitis, lupus or others. After stopping the drugs can recover within a certain period of time.

Scalp inflammation causes hair loss: Folliculitis, skin ringworm may cause hair loss. Through fungal treatment can improve the condition of hair loss and when the scalp inflammation is cured, hair can grow healthily.


You need to do something now:

Alopecia. The visible scalp is smooth and shiny with thinning hair. The hair follicles may have been shrinking or even closed at this time. The drug is unable to make any improvements and can only be treated by hair transplant.

Hair loss time is long. The hair loss time is more than one year, and there are obvious hair loss characteristics.

Physical hair loss. Permanent hair loss due to external injury. If the hair follicles have been closed, and the blood circulation is under good conditions can be treated by hair transplant.

Inborn lack of hair. Was born without hair in some parts, such as the hairline backwards, no hair on the temples, no eyebrows, etc. Generally there are no healthy hair follicles in those parts, there is no way to grow hairs except hair transplant.

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