Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair – Which One to choose?

Today, hair extensions have become famous for their convenience of offering additional length and fullness. Women can now choose different types of hair extensions to get a new look and to change their lifestyle. However, when choosing a wig, it might be hard to know where to start. With lots of colors, styles, types, and brands, selecting the best one is not an easy task. But by understanding the differences between human hair and synthetic hair, you will be in a good position to select a perfect wig.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair - Which One to choose?

Human hair is obtained from regular natural hair. They feel, act, and look like your the original hair. On the other hand, a synthetic hair wig is created using man-made fibers. Some people believe human hair are better than synthetic hair because they are designed from real hair. But this is not true. If you get an artificial wig made from high-quality materials, it might be hard to tell the difference. Below are synthetic and human hair pros and cons.

Human hair

Human hair provides a natural feel and look. Once you purchase a human wig, you will notice they are soft and original. You can cut the human hair to suit your choice. Though human wigs are a bit expensive than synthetic hair wig, it is durable, and can even last for a year. If the quality of the hair is the only factor, the human hair is the best choice. There are four types of human hair wigs namely; Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and European. The majority of wigs on the market are made from Asian hair. However, most people prefer European hair because of its excellent denier, but it is expensive.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair - Which One to choose?

Pros of human hair

Natural look – Wigs made from human hair look very natural. With a human hair, you can notice a natural texture and sheen to it. It also has more color dimensions than synthetic hair.

Natural feel – Human hair has a natural feel which is very important to the wearer. A lady would prefer the feel of human hair when putting on the wig, and she might also be concerned that her friends will feel or notice the hair is not real. But with human hair, you can be assured that everyone will feel the natural texture.

Styling – With the human wig, you can style it with heat machines just like the normal hair. You can curl, blow-dry, crimp and flat-iron the human hair without damaging the fibers. The wig can also be color-treated by an expert to look like a natural hair.

Heat resistance – Ladies with synthetic wigs are always careful not to get near an open flame for fear that their wigs may melt or frizz. But with human hair wig, there is no fear of heat because the hair is durable and can withstand the heat.

Cons of human hair

Though the human hair wig seems perfect, it has a few drawbacks. Some of the cons of human hair wigs include:

Expense – Since human hair are bought from suppliers, they are expensive than synthetic fibers. But most ladies find the cost of human hair wigs worth the paybacks.

Care – Just like your original hair, the human hair needs a lot of care. Some women may find it fun, while others view it as an unnecessary expense.

Long-term damage – Also like the natural hair, the wig can become damaged from repeated heat styling, brushing and color processing. Unlike the normal hair which grows out and refills itself, a damage wig is permanently spoiled.

Synthetic hair

With the advance in technology, synthetic hair has become a darling to many wig lovers. In some cases, it is impossible to tell the difference between synthetic hair & human hair. The main advantage of synthetic hair is that you can wear even without styling. However, it lacks flexibility. You cannot style it to look different unlike with human wig. You are also advised to follow the care recommendations on the pack to get maximum lifespan. Below are pros and cons of purchasing and wearing a synthetic hair wig.

Human Hair vs Synthetic Hair - Which One to choose?

Pros of synthetic hair

Permanent styling – For ladies who do not like the idea of styling a wig every day, they have an option of choosing a synthetic wig. For most women, the reason for wanting a wig is to evade the day to day hair-care routine. Hence, synthetic hair is the best option.

Less expensive – Synthetic wigs are not as expensive as human hair wigs. This means you can prefer to purchase 2 or more synthetic wigs that you can rotate. This will work well if the wigs are alike in color and length but different in style.

Improved technology – Some synthetic wigs are designed so well that you cannot distinguish them from human hair wigs. If you are willing to spend on manufactured wigs, you can get one that looks natural to most people.

Color retention – Human-hair wigs fade after some time. But with synthetic wigs, they retain their color permanently.

Cons of synthetic hair

Synthetic hair wigs have their drawbacks which you should consider before purchasing one. Here are several cons of synthetic hair.

Unnatural look – Based on the quality and the brand of the synthetic hair, the fibers might be very artificial, just like a doll hair. This is very common with cheap synthetic wigs.

Permanent styling – Though some ladies view the permanent styling as a bonus, others consider the aspect a disadvantage. For example, if you are bored with the hairstyle, you will fear that people can guess that you are wearing a wig.


Both human hair and synthetic hair have their pros and cons. Most people prefer wigs because they help to cover hair loss, eliminate styling time, or let them change their looks instantly. Happily, there is a choice to please every woman regarding texture, color, length, and style. All these aspects are important when choosing a wig, but the essential factor is choosing between synthetic or human hair.



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