How to Protect Hair Extensions

You are considering or are already smashing that sassy look with your hair extensions. Celebrities wear them, Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and surprise even Selena Gomez. The problem is they always look so gorgeous, but you are ever having trouble with your hair extensions or are yet scared of that new look you still dreaming of cause you fear them. Here are some tips for you:

1. How to wash hair extensions

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Is it possible to wash your extensions without damaging them? Believe me yes it is. Washing is a bit different for each type of extension: the Clip-ins, the complete weave or the Keratin extensions.

For the clip-ins: Remove the clips-ins; they are easy to apply and remove even at home, which is an advantage for them. Detangle them gently but thoroughly, starting at the clip tip to the hair tip. Do not leave any tangles as they can dry them. Fill up a basin with warm water, do not use hot water. Soak the hair, avoid wetting the clip. Shampoo them and lather them nicely as you would washing your natural hair. Rinse with warm water. Condition and allow to dry.

For the weaves: Pre-treat with moisturizer, put on a shower cap and chill for up to an hour. Clarify your hair and scalp to remove excessive hair products preventing dandruff. Wet your hair and shampoo it gently up to the roots; you can do it in the shower or the sink. Then rinse with warm water. Condition and allow to dry out, either air dry or under a hooded dryer. Do not blow dry. Repeat once in every one or two weeks.

For Keratin-Bonded Extensions: Choosing shampoo here is very important. Choose one that is recommended by the manufacturer. Avoid sulfates and silicone-containing ones. Wet your hair using warm (but not hot) water. Shampoo it properly and rinse with warm water. Moisturize with conditioner. Repeat two to three times a week.

2. How to style your hair extensions

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You probably saw that celebrity or your friend donning that fresh style, and you like oh my I want that! You don’t need to be a hair Nerd. It’s just a few tips away: It starts with good-quality extensions. You can only style it as good as it is. It must be the perfect color match, length and how you maintain it. Have good quality tools for straightening, making curls and waves. Take your time; styling your hair in a hurry is not good. Relax baby-girl. Research your style; whether it’s getting pics from your girlfriends or the internet or inventing your style do it, you run the world.

3. How to color your hair extensions

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Many ask, can I dye my hair extension? The answer is a big yes; you can even do it at home, my dear. It seems a daunting task for you wishing to alter the color of your hair. And rightly so! In your rash, you may end up dying without using the correct type of dye or hydrating products and worse of strip your hair by unintentionally bleaching it. Follow the simple guidelines below to make it safe and effective: Always dye darker, if you dye from a darker color to a lighter one, the hair often becomes damaged and tangled. Pick the right hair dye, so as not to destroy your hair. I prefer organic over synthetic as natural ingredients are gentler on your extensions and are also better for your scalp. Also notable, use a semi-permanent dye as is less damaging and should not dry out hair as the permanent ones do. Rehydrate the hair, after coloring them; extensions may become brittle and snap if not rehydrated. There are lots of good rehydrating products on the market.

4. How to keep safe while sleeping

Photo by Vladislav Muslakov

Especially if you are new to the hair extensions, there is always the worry of destroying the extensions or not having a good night sleep. It is entirely safe, comfortable and not something to lose sleep over (literally speaking). However, there are a few things you must do first: Prepare your extensions for the night: they are like your baby; you must lay them to rest. Brush through to remove any tangles and products build up from the day. Also inspect the bonds daily. Secure your hair in a braid or plait; this will prevent movement that causes the bonds to tangle. It will also reduce friction, and the hair will be smoother for a quick comb in the morning. Consider conditioning your hair overnight at least once a week. Never sleep with wet hair unless when you are conditioning. Tuck in and have a good night sleep. It is also amazing for your beauty.

5. How to keep safe while swimming

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Your friends just called you for a swimming pool party a day after you placed new hair extensions. You want to say no cause of the hair. But wait, it is very safe to swim with your extensions on, as long as you keep this few tips. Pre-condition your hair, as much as you may try; it is impossible to keep your hair dry through the swim. So precondition it to protect from chlorine and other water salts. Check for loose extensions and glue them back or cover them properly. Wear swim caps, they may not offer total protection, but at least protect the hair to a great extent. Wash thoroughly after swimming with a good shampoo and conditioner as we talked about above.

6. Hair extension care tips

Your extensions can serve you as long as a year, depending on how often you wear them but most importantly how you take care of them. Here are a few tips for them: Store them well, don’t let them hang over anywhere unless you really hate them. Gather all the hair together, brush out and gently roll the extensions into a circle and place into a box. Reduce shedding by brushing gently, not over-washing, and not over-using products on them. Love them, and then you will take care of them with all we have talked about as above.

Hair extensions can be a great addition to your dressing, but great things come at a price. It is true that a hairstyle can either make you or break you. Say bye to bad hair days by abiding by the above simple tips for your hair extensions.

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  1. For many reason many times we had to put or wear hair extensions. it is a part of our beauty from that time but many of us don’t take care of that extensions carefully. This article will help them who are use hair extensions. thanks for sharing a great article.

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