Except Wearing Wigs, It Also Can Give You Longer And Fuller Hair !

Girls are always with tangled emotions.

When you are single, you want a boyfriend, when falling in love, will miss free single life.

When you have long hair but feel other’s short hair is more beautiful then cut. “Damn! Long hair is more suitable for me! ”


What should you do when you want longer or fuller hair quickly, now you can consider the hair extensions!

Firstly, hair extensions are made from two types of hair- synthetic hair and human hair. The Synthetic hair used has “memory” for wave, curl and volume which lets hair bounce back into place with minimal effort. Unfortunately, these types of hair extensions can’t be dyed or styled with heat.They are less expensive than human hair extensions but is also less durable than the human hair. With proper care, you can expect synthetic hair extensions to last about three to six months.

On the other hand, human hair extensions offer the most natural look and feel. In the same way as your own locks, human hair extensions can be styled and dyed to suit your personal tastes. It is important to hydrate and condition hair in your daily life and it does take a bit of extra effort to protect, you can expect for them to last anywhere from six to twelve months.

Now let’s get on discussing the one type of hair extensions — clip in hair extensions and how to wear it by yourself below.

Clip in hair extensions also called temporary hair extensions. It’s made by weft hair, cut as measurable width then sew with clips. Usually one set include 7pcs, 8pcs or 10pcs. The length, color, and texture are various. This kind of hair is easy to use and remove and can reuse with proper care.

1.Brush your own hair and hairpieces through to remove all knots.
2.Take your hair from each ear and section off in a clear curved part of your head and secure with hair clips.
3.Open all of the clips, attach on your own hair from middle to the side carefully.
4.Put your own hair down after all hairpieces attach, change the hairstyles as your wish.

Your hair looks so gorgeous now. But,  after that, you will always encounter a series of problems such as combing, hard to clean and even damaging your hair. To maintain a beautiful and lasting hair, you should know how to do the hair extensions care.Let’s talk about it here.

The connected hair can be maintained for about three months with proper care, but you must do the following:

1. Don’t grab the root of hair hardly, be gentle when you wash your hair or it may cause hair loss.

2. The shampoo and conditioner must be acidic. Generally contain protein, sunflower, avocado extract acid are weak acid shampoo, they are good for hair care, not only can make the hair smooth, also not to be rough.

3. Don’t let the hair dryer too close to your hair root when you dry. The temperature of the hair dryer is relatively high, so as not to burn the hair.

4. You need wide-toothed round brushes to comb your hair and don’t brush too strongly, otherwise, it will lead to hair loss.

5. Carry with a hair-smooth spray. You can’t brush your hair casually after your extensions connected, especially when the wind mess up your hair.But if you have a hair-smooth spray, you can comb hair through your fingers.

6. Do not expose to the sun for a long time. The ultraviolet intensity is very strong, prolonged exposure under the sun will make the hair lose moisture and nutrients, become dry, fragile and dull. Don’t go out in the sun after you wash hair immediately, you should let the hair dry naturally as wet hair is more fragile and its ability to resist ultraviolet radiation is even worse. If there are hair care products with sunscreen, spray on the hair before going out.

7. Hair extension also needs regular care, the extensions may be loose after a certain long time, then go to a professional Salon, make the appropriate adjustments to avoid falling out.


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