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Wonder why celebrities instantly change looks on show awards with some new dashing fabulous hairstyle? Well let me drop two words for you: Hair Extensions. Pretty soon, clipping hair extensions will be as important as your lip gloss and eyebrow liner combined. So you better have some room in that Gucci bag because before you know it, you’d be neatly stacking hair extensions the Kardashian way.

Kendal Jenner

Yes. Even Victoria’s Angels Fashion Show 2017 Lily Aldridge had hair extensions to volume their natural short hair for a sexy ‘undone’ look as they tread that catwalk.

Lily Aldrige


In the last two decades, a ton of celebrities used hair extensions both on set and even just to buy some hot cocoa in Starbucks on a hot summer day. For your cringing pleasure, we compiled the most controversial hair extension fails ever recorded.

1. Britney Spears has got to have the ugliest hair extension fail throughout history. It’s a complete nightmare and those microlinks absolutely is a menace to the eye when she went shopping in California in 2010. The second photo’s seemed photoshopped, but talk about color disgrace, it’s real.

Britney-hair-extensions2. You’d probably seen Pamela Anderson somewhere and she abuzzed the fashion industry with her multiple hair extension failures last 2014 and 2015. Her attempt at redeeming her foxy model-look just went down the drainage with these succeeding fiasco.

Pamela-hair-extensions3. Lindsay Lohan may no longer be much on the limelight these days yet she also had her share of faux hair catastrophe. The strands of hair just behind the neon orange streak are her weaves, not properly complimenting her natural red ginger look.


4. Although Paris Hilton may indeed be a Fashion Icon, her meticulous taste to flaws had her off a run of her money. Setting microlinks anywhere without a guideline to follow is scary to both the paparazzi and the fans.


5. Ashlee Simpson may have thought that putting curly loose strands may just go with the flow but this definitely went the opposite way. The wig on this other photo is clearly not her color.


That’s why getting cool should come with the best fit of knowledge of what type of hair extension suits you, or else you’ll end up having some real bad hair days.

On the lighter side, celebrities and even normal people choose to weave and clip extensions to feel more confident, beautiful and to enhance volume from having natural thin hair with wigs and weaves. Styling up is not only a matter of getting ‘in’ but as well as showing to the world that you are capable of becoming better in a different way, even with your hairstyles. So we gathered the top five best celebrities who nailed the art of hair extensions. See their glory below.

1. Selena Gomez is the top of our list. She could pull her supertrendy and on-theme choice of subtle new hair. Her decision-making skills on what tone of hair color should compliment her attire for the night is worthy of this post.


2. Kylie Jenner makes the top five. With her new brand of Hair Extension Product Line: Kylie Hair Kouture had her taste in perfect strong colors to define every instagrammable photo in-depth emotion.


3. This never comes to a shock as Ari has always worn extension to maintain her big half-up ponytail look. Always bringing that wavy or straight brown to ash blond look on concerts and tours.


4. Lo is flawless in any angle. Most of her glamorous sewn extensions are embroidered within to keep it from falling when she goes all out on concerts and shows.


5. Kim Kardashian’s black hair look is always her best look. She color-matches her style on a light note, most of the time choosing black hair extension to emphasize her sexy facial contours.


These influential celebrities above chose distinct types of Hair Extensions to either cause their defame or reputation in the industry. The most ones done by hairstylists are Tape-in, Fusion, Sew-In and Microlink. But if you want to save and have the same look, clip-in weft extension is good for you.

  1. Tape-In Hair Extension
  2. Fusion and Pre-Bonded Extension
  3. Sew-In Hair Weaves
  4. Microlink Hair Extension
  5. Clip-In Hair Extension

How to Use a Hair Extension?

Here’s a general guide on – How to Use a Hair Extension? – the celebrity way, we laid it step by step for you to follow following Clip-In Wefts.

STEP 1. Choose the Appropriate Color. Unfiltered photos of hair extensions are scrupulously laid here. Take a selfie and compare the images. If your salon plans to hit a different color for you, then we recommend you the most sought hair weaves below.


STEP 2. Group Together. Lay your extensions on a flat surface and group them into their own size.


STEP 3. Hair Sectioning. Part your hair the way you always do. Section your hair into four parts. Two from the right and left starting just behind your ear, one from the back as well as shown here.


STEP 4. Clips Weft of Hair. Let’s start at the bottom back. Select the weft of hair that suits the volume of hair left from your backhead. Tie small three hair elastics equally and clip the wefts of hair firmly unto the two ends. Do this continuously at an inch space until you reach the top of your head. Clip the weave in and cover with your hair from the top.

As long as you are able to safely follow these steps above, you’re a shot good to go.

Now, let’s talk about numbers. According to the Market Research by divality.com in 2010 -2011, on the global demand of Hair Extensions by World Market, 70% increase of human hair, wigs, hair extensions and weaves were demanded by US and UK Markets in 2014.  Fortune.com sites the same amount of hair extension users up to 73%.

Eight out of 10 women are not open to talking about using wigs and weaves compared to the other two. It is no surprise that most of these women are overly conscious with their beauty that they hide the fact of medical hair issues, baldness, thin hair, scalp exposure and hair loss. It is true that nowadays, other people’s perception about our way of life means significant affirmation that we are living normally or not. Looking better and beautiful matter in the most practical way.


Enhancing hair beauty through hair extensions have its own pros and cons. Yet to most people, hair extensions are the easiest way to instant transformation to your dream hairstyle, variation of colors, and easy maintenance for a glamorous look on parties and night outs.

It also due that we foretell you to clip-in hair extensions properly and securely. Gluing, thermal knotting, sewing and braiding are options done by hairstylists for longer and permanent look. Our list of celebrity hair extension fails above are utter evidence of improper use. When it comes to hair extensions, unfollow them if you must.

Moreover here in #howtohairbeauty, we recommend you the top-brands of Hair Extensions that are most bought at Amazon.com.

  1. LELINTA. Are 100% real human hair clip-in extensions. Premium quality for adding extra length and volume on your hair.
  2. REECHO. Reecho can be cut to any length you may want it. It’s mostly brunette to black and is easy to clip-in.
  3. LUXYHAIR. To those who want curvy, curly and wavy types, LuxyHair is for you.
  4. DONNA BELLA. Donna Bella is a leader in hair beauty and extension. Their products are of the finest quality and has undergone extreme hair treatment method for your use from India.
  5. BELLAMI. Bellami is the Hairline Collection of Kylie Jenner herself. It’s quite uptight in the budget but it surely is the best quality if you ask the whole team. It has been the talk of the town since it came out last 2015 and still it’s a product to buy for today.

Honestly, one doesn’t need to be a celebrity to wear these posh hair extensions. You only need to know How to Beauty your Hair to become like one. Do you agree? If so, then leave us a reply and let us know what you think, we’d love to know what you have in store for us!



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