Asian, Indian & European Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are one of the best ways of giving your hair a more natural and elegant look. The most commonly used forms of extensions originate from Asia, India and Europe. It is therefore important to understand the differences of these extensions so as to choose the ideal type for your hair. For instance, if your hair is thin, Asian hair would not be ideal as it is thick; it will make your hair look unnatural.


Quality, Cost Differences Between Asian, Indian and European Hair Extensions

These extensions vary in quality. There synthetic extensions which can be worn a lively night out. There are also high-end human hair extensions that are meant for women looking for more permanent solutions.

Extensions increase volume and improve the versatility of the hair. It gives the wearer the flexibility to sample out the various styles available. There is a huge difference in durability, quality, cost and appearance amongst hair extensions. Hence, knowledge of the different types enables buyers to choose the most appropriate type for their hair. Buyers should go for those extensions that would match well with their natural hair.

Asian Hair Extensions

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Asian hair extensions are normally sourced from a number of countries such as Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. They are characteristically thicker in texture due to the high cuticle content. It is straight and dark brown or black in color.

Additionally, Asian hair is known to very strong. It can withstand heat and chemicals better than the other types. It can also be made chemically thinner to fit someone has naturally thin air. Due to their availability, they tend to be less expensive than the other varieties. However, those that have that have their cuticles intact are more expensive because more care will be required to handle it.

Indian Hair Extensions

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In the recent past, the hair extension market had been dominated by the European market. However, the arrival of higher quality and cheaper alternatives such as the Indian extensions has tipped the scales significantly. Its market has grown tremendously as clients look for a good quality human hair product.

Most of them are pure human hair and are not mixed with synthetic fibers or animal hair. This is referred to as virgin hair. They are also light and supple, giving them a natural flow and movement. It is soft, beautiful and durable and they usually have their cuticle intact.

Indian hair extensions come in a range of types and these include thick, curly, wavy, medium, fine and straight. In most cases, Indian women do not have to chemically process their hair. The hair thus remains in the virgin state. Nonetheless, it goes through a number of chemical processes to make it a texture similar to that of Caucasian hair. Most Indian women donate their hair as a symbol of thanks when they marry. The hair is normally sourced from the barber shops and temples around India. It is renowned for its texture and quality.

European Hair Extensions

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These extensions are obtained from a number of various countries in Eastern Europe. It comes from donors who are adequately compensated. Hair extensions from Europe are not as common as those from Asia and India, so they tend to be quite more expensive.

These types of extensions are usually finer than those from Asia and India. They are common amongst Caucasian women who would like to supplement their existing texture. Nevertheless, some of them also use Indian and Asian hair to achieve the same goal.

The most preferred European hair extensions are those that are not chemically or color processed. This preserves the integrity of the hair. Additionally, they are mostly pure and have not been blended with any synthetic fibers.

European hair typically has a medium to fine density cuticle. It is also naturally straight or it is slightly wavy. They come in a wide range of lengths, colors and styles. Most come in brown tones, but they can also be tailored to meet the size and preferences of the user.

This hair extension is also small in diameter and has varying textures. Some European women do not use chemicals to treat their hair. This means that the hair can be obtained in a virgin state when it is donated. It is short in supply in the market as compared to the Asian and Indian types. This makes them a little more expensive than the rest.

Some stylists may blend all three of these extensions. This gives your hair a unique feel and texture of its own that is light and natural. Depending on your needs, you can go for a fusion of Indian and Asian or European and Indian etc. Their colors and textures can be perfectly blended to make it look natural when it is added to your hair.

Finally, it is important to note that Indian and Asian hair undergoes a lot of chemical processes to make it appear more like Caucasian. The interest and demand in hair extension have really grown over the years. Ensure that you learn about the origin and source of your hair extension before it is placed on your head.


A perfect, radiant head of hair is a possibility for all women with some help from the correct hair extensions. They can be purchased online or from boutiques and accessory shops at cost reasonable prices. One of the main advantages of extensions is that protects damaged hair. All you need to do is to purchase an extension to cover the damaged part of the hair. To apply the extensions, you can use a weaving or sew-in technique. Note that cornrow braids ought to be done with your own natural hair and the hair wefts woven later. When sewing-in or weaving the extension, do not place it too tight as it might cause breakage.

Lastly, these extensions have the added benefit of offering your hair time to grow healthy and strong. By using an extension, your hair can easily restore itself to its original luster and repair itself fully. It can also help to hasten the recovery process of your natural hair.



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